Follow Up Responses to “Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Children and Sex”

First, thank you.


A week ago today, I published an article titled “Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Children and Sex.” Three web server crashes and now, almost 750,000 total views later, I am overwhelmed…in a good way. In the best way. Has every response been positive? A few haven’t. But by and large the feedback has communicated two things:

Thank you.



I have wrestled the last week with how to respond to the help me replies.

“How do we talk to our children?”


“How much?”

“Are there any resources you recommend?”

“What’s age appropriate?”

And this is where I got stuck. I am not a parent. I’ve never had to even plan how to have discussions of this nature. Tim and I will one day, but that hasn’t been in our periphery.

We have to embrace our roles.

You are the parent. You are the ones on the front line, intervening and protecting the innocence and mind and heart and soul of your child. This is your role, your part of the story.

I’m the storyteller. I am not a child development expert. Yes, I’m a sociology major and yes, I focus on the science of the brain but I still have many (many, many!) hours to commit to my education. I tell the truth about what I see and hear and how God redeemed my broken pieces.

In order to follow up to those questions and to the ones asking how I found freedom in my own addiction and to provide you with some resources, I’ve decided to break up the responses into a few posts that will publish this week.

1) Who Do You Want Teaching Your Children About Sex? – Monday, August 26

2) Resources to Educate and Equip Parents and Children About Sex – Tuesday, August 27

3) How I Found Freedom from My Pornography Addiction – Wednesday, August 28

Right now, can I encourage you to do three things?

1) Go to the comments in the original post. There are hurting people there. There are questions there. So many have already stepped in and started responding and sharing advice and encouraging. Read through the comments and as you feel led, reply, pray, build up.

2) Subscribe to these posts so you can learn when the follow up articles are published? You can subscribe by email or RSS here.

3) Pray. Pray for those reading who are having conversations. Praise God for the freedom that is happening. Pray for me that I can listen and write the words God wants me to write.

Again, thank you all for reading, sharing, and encouraging. I truly believe we can step in and break the snowball avalanche cycle of this world’s distorted views on sexuality.





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One thought on “Follow Up Responses to “Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Children and Sex”

  1. great post and muchly appreciated and excited about the doors it has opened to take it further.

    one resurce for answering the question that i found super powerful [although it deals specifically with rape but i think there are strong lessons about sex found within this letter] was this letter that Magda allowed me to repost on my blog and i would recommend that all parents read it:

    thank you again for what you continue to do and keep it coming! you are helping make the world a greater and safer place!
    brett fish