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23 thoughts on “What’s One Thing You Would Tell Your Pastor?

  1. Mostly thank you for his leadership, guidance of the church and strong commitment to reaching the lost.

    But if I could complain about one thing, he drives me nuts with his ‘Jesus believed it and that is good enough for me” in reference to anything in the old testament. It just makes me nuts because it diminishes the concept of genre, metaphor and story. I am completely fine with claiming a historical Adam, Jonah, etc. Just don’t claim that you believe it because you think Jesus referenced it. You can reference a story just as easily as history. Referencing does not mean you believe it was historically true, it just means that your audience understands what you are talking about.

  2. Speaking as one, Gently…I would tell stop. Save your family first. There are INFINITE ways to fulfill a ministry calling that do not involve the soul fleecing price that traditional, institutional, 20/21st century American church demands

  3. Speak about Jesus’ love for us, not what we should and shouldn’t do to be ‘good’ Christians. It’s not about what we should and shouldn’t do, in the end. It’s about God’s love for us. Preach about God’s love and acceptance. Doing the right thing will come when we have Jesus in our hearts, not from forcing ourselves to be ‘good.’

  4. Please study, and teach us, as much about “Loving our Neighbors” as you do about “Loving God.” Treat them like twins. Study them, teach and preach them, and live them equally.

  5. Please don’t fall into the world’s trap of dumbing down worship – true worship – & don’t water down the message so it feels good.

  6. That’s a great question and one I will ponder (with respect to my “dark days” and previous pastors). However, my first reaction was to laugh because, thankfully, I have the kind of relationship with my pastor where I tell him what I think. We have shared laughter, tears, sarcastic comments, etc. I think I am where I’m supposed to be. Feeling the freedom to say what I’m thinking is awesome. So, what I probably should tell him more often is “thank you for being you, for being real, and for being a loving pastor.”

  7. Stop preaching about sin and how we are to try and stop doing it! In this life we will never stop sinning. Start Preaching about a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, that and that alone will give us the power to stop sinning.

  8. Speak up for the unborn. Someday the world will wake up to the evil of abortion. You have a captive audience every week and your silence on this issue says the status quo is OK for Christians.

  9. I told my pastors last week thanks for loving me and not judging me. Thanks for helping me pick up the pieces and putting them all back together.