The “Change Me” Prayer

I’ve always heard about it – in church, in counseling, in conversations I’ve eavesdropped on in coffee shops.

You never try to change people in your relationships. You can only change you.

Oh, how changing yourself is hard.

A few weeks ago, I finished reading Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, a book I should have finished reading the moment it came off the printing press. And whether you’re married or single, read it. Another good book? Fully Alive by Dr. Larry Crabb. Talk about two wonderful books on relationships and gender. Anyway, I digress. (But really, pick them up.)

The ending reinforced the truth of loving someone (in the case of Love & Respect, loving one’s spouse) out of obedience to God first and foremost. Nothing new, but always a good reminder. But deep inside my spirit, an inspiration to actually change something emerged…

Change me.

Whenever I feel that first notion of being offended, irritated, or the need to be right…“Lord, change me.”

Whenever I feel like I want to choose the worst instead of the best…“Lord, change me.”

Whenever I feel like I want to worry and not trust…“Lord, change me.”

Will this one small prayer in many moments over many days change me? How? And I’m not putting permanent parameters on it, but let’s just say for a year, I’ve made an intentional commitment of praying this prayer and weekly journaling how my heart is changing.

Because certainly God will change it, right?

Lord, change me…

Married or not, would anyone like to join me in committing to this for the next year?


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