Why I posted My Ugliest Wedding Picture on the Internet

Tim and I have these photo frames behind our couch. There’s about twenty of them, all arranged in a fun little pattern.


They still have the photos that came with them inside them.

Y’all, we’ve lived here since August.

Last week I had the flu, and on a particularly quiet day, figured we might as well select and print some photos to go in the frames. (We have guests coming this weekend, let’s be honest.)

As we went through our wedding pictures, one popped up on the screen that had us both in hysterics. Why? Because I’m wiping my nose. Very clearly wiping my nose. And somehow my nose has morphed into a pig-like shape.

It was late and I thought it was cute and funny so I posted it thinking the few people who would be on the Interwebs so late would get a kick out of it, and it would be buried before morning came.

An hour and 10,000 views later, I realized people are on Facebook way too late.

But you know what? I’m glad I posted my ugliest wedding picture on the internet. One, because I think we often try to post the best versions of ourselves – never the ugly cry ones. And two, because this was the moment after we read our vows to each other, our hand-written, self-made, God-fearing vows. It was just the two of us on that beach, and the preacher, and the photographer. And a homeless man. But it was one of the most intimate and sacred moments I’ve ever experienced in my life.

There’s no reason I am ashamed of having an ugly cry and wiping my dripping nose before being pronounced husband and wife. And no regret in posting in on the internet in a moment of silliness.

(In a related note: I love you Tim Miller. And I will fight every day to honor and love you the best I can.)

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