Is Burnout Beating You?

I’ve been in the process of adding some helpful stuff to the 5th Anniversary Expanded Edition of my first book, Mad Church Disease which launches next month (woot!)

In that journey, I realized people were needing something NOW. Something to help NOW.

The emails I get daily show me that burnout is still epidemic in ministry and in the church world and if anything has become more taboo in the last five years, which breaks my heart.

Over Christmas, I sat down and wrote Beating Burnout: A 30 Day Guide to Hope and Health that covers

  • rest
  • spiritual health
  • emotional health
  • relational health
  • physical health
  • and prayer.

Rinse and repeat for five weeks and you’ve got yourself a 70-something page book.

Beating Burnout Mad Church Disease Anne Marie Miller

Beating Burnout: A 30 Day Guide to Hope and Health releases as an eBook this week! (The print will follow shortly!)

Each day has

  • scripture
  • a short and meaningful reflection
  • and a section for practical application and a page for notes.

It reads fast because I know you don’t have much time, but I pray it takes you directly to the heart of our Father with no fluff, only grace, and gives you enough action when, after thirty days are over, you find yourself in a healthier and more intentional place than you are now.

Can you do me a favor?

If this book sounds like something you need, can you give me your email address so I can ping you when it comes out? I won’t bother you for anything else. And, if you’d like to spread the word ahead of time, I’ve made some tweets to help you do that!

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I am SO GRATEFUL for your support and I truly pray this devotional can help you find hope and health!


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