Have a Prayer Request? Let Us Pray for You This Weekend

It’s been a crazy week: Lingering flu symptoms, a sick puppy, and a book launch as well as a big editing project due, and finishing up the manuscript for the expanded edition of Mad Church Disease. Not to mention the 50-something emails I need to reply to since I got sick at the beginning of the year. (Sorry if that’s you. I’m working on it!)

The sick puppy & The sick me on Wednesday.

the sick puppy & the sick me on Wednesday.

When crazy weeks happen, it’s difficult for me to follow my own advice and rest. We’ve recently implemented a no-phone-but-for-texting-or-calls rule after 5 pm in our house, but I still pop on my computer and, being the analytical person I am, research my stats, my numbers, (which Beating Burnout did hit #1 on Amazon in the devotional category! Thank you!) and honestly, I can get wrapped up into it like a game.

The numbers go up, I’m happy. Down, I’m discouraged.

And that’s not cool.

So, I hereby make the proclamation that I will not look at numbers this weekend (baby steps!). 

When I’m too turned in, I need to turn out and refocus. Gain perspective. Connect with God and others.

Occasionally on Fridays, I’ll do “Friday Prayer.”

So please, take this opportunity to leave anything on your heart we can pray for in the comments below. And I promise to go through them this weekend and pray for them, each and every one.

I’m grateful for you.

I know blogging and social media is weird and it’s noisy and even I confess I get caught up in the excitement of things and numbers that, in the long run, don’t really matter. For that, I apologize.

But I can say with all the integrity of my heart that your words and your prayers are so special to me. I can only hope to be a blessing to you like you are to me.

And I’d love to pray and celebrate with you this weekend.

Much love,


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