Beating Burnout Interview with Dr. Thom Rainer #2: Millennials and Mentoring

How do you ask for mentoring or help when you’re burning out? Will the trends of programs and burnout continue happening in the church? What makes Dr. Thom Rainer “obnoxiously optimistic” about the church?

Here’s part two of the interview I did with him.



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    Thank you for posting these videos. I look forward to watching them when I’m on some down time.

    I’m blogging through the process of reading “Beating Burnout.” I may not post every day, because I’m taking time to really let each of the devotionals sink in and for me to meditate on them for a while before I post my response.

    I hope that putting this link out there is okay:

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        I am the Campus Pastor at a Christian University and get things like this all the time, people promising they have the next big idea. Your first two lines in your email caught my attention. I usually don’t read more than that if it is a mass email. However you had this big claim and then you followed-up with a “disclaimer” of sorts. It really caught my attention.

        Once I started watching the video, I was impressed you had a dialogue with Thom Rainer. I have just skimmed your site, but so far it looks great!

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          This is great to know! And I won’t or can’t change everyone’s lives and I can’t promise anything, but I can hope that they will reach someone, somewhere! I thought I’d get really bold in that email (I never say stuff like that!) so it’s funny to hear how it all ties together. Thank you for sharing it!


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