Friday Prayer – Let’s Pray for Each Other

Friday Prayer Anne Mil


It’s Friday! Another week! We made it!

Have any prayer requests or things you want to share about where you’ve seen God work in your life?

For us, could you pray for me as I am still sick. It’s on and off now, but every few days the flu symptoms come back for a couple of days. Then I’m fine for a while.

Tim and I are going to Zambia to work with The Alliance for Children everywhere March 26-April 8. Please pray we raise the funds we need to raise ($1700) and for our health and hearts as we prepare to head over there.

How can we pray for you?

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23 thoughts on “Friday Prayer – Let’s Pray for Each Other

  1. Praying for your health Anne & for financial provision for you & Tim.
    I would appreciate prayer for my health also, currently down with a nasty virus.
    Also prayer for financial provision over this next week.
    Thanks & Blessings

  2. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray that I will feel contentment and a sense of purpose. I have been feeling a little lost lately.

    Praying that you will be healthy soon and that you and Tim will raise the money you need to go to Zambia.

  3. Praying!

    I’m finally starting to get help for my anxiety issues. I have my first appointment this Tuesday and am really scared since my last counseling experience was very damaging. Please pray for peace and also that God is present in my healing process.

  4. I’m sick too haha !! So beat everyone seems sick . Tough winter on the east coast – I’ve been fighting negative energy and I think that made me sick too. I pray for you on your journey to help others . I know im blessed but still not happy and want more . Wish I could just clear my head and have more faith – God Bless

  5. Pray that the Lord will incode in my mind the work that he wants me to do and that he will open new doors where there’s none, also, pray that I may have a spirit of boldness not of fear to preach the gospel.

    Also I pray that the Lord be with you and both of you may be in good health soon in Jesus name amen.

  6. Please pray for me, I feel I’m being neglectful to God as one of his children. I’ve not been attending church on a regular basis as I use to, I have no ambition to do anything. I don’t like feeling this way, I ask God daily for His strength and forgiveness , I do love Him so much.
    I pray for you Anne for healing and blessing for your safety on your trip. I admire you and your husband for doing the Lords work blessings to the people you’re reaching out to.

  7. I pray for peace in the world. War is not the answer. I pray for peace in my home and most of all i pray for good health for i am suffering from hip pain that will not stay treated. God help me.

  8. Hey Anna ,
    Can you pray for my life hopefully it will be better then my moms. I been through alot in the most and I want the Lord to forgive my sins and tell me that I got it. Tell me that I am a stronger , beautiful , and a smart woman. I want to prove people that I am NOT stupid or slow. I want to prove to my family that I am going to be somebody in life and I am going to have wonderful life. Anna I just need to find myself again. I want to be happy not upset or depressed all the time. Im 19 years old and im always feeling bad about myself. I want different attitude. I miss my old life with all my siccer friends I was so happy…. I miss soccer. My relationship with me and my boyfriend is so awlful. I need help can you tell me what to do please.

  9. I would like to pray for everyone, from the poor and needy, my enemies, the saints, family, and friends, I would also like to pray and Thank God, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and The Spirit of the Holy Ghost that dwells in me.

  10. Plz God am praying rite now,heal me God and make me happy again.God I know u r de God of second chance I believe in u and in or miracle

  11. thank you for praying..I posted a prayer this week regarding my lost passport though I didn’t get it back but the one who is having it has called .Hope some positive outcomes will be on the way. Please pray for me.
    i also pray for all those who are in trouble.
    We all will get through it.
    Thank you.