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7 thoughts on “Praying for Peace this Lenten Season

  1. We pray that this government see all the people’s pain and understand that better things can be accomplished through Peace

  2. Heavenly Father I pray for all the countries at war I pray that you my provide peace in JESUS NAME that all the voilence be over .

  3. Haba father I pray for the ppl in Russia that they finally come to terms and agreement for peace and that the rebellion forces know the just cause they r fighting for and may they be protected from ur invisible and invincible shield. All things are occurring according to ur appointed timing and plan thank u haba father we love u amén

  4. Heavenly Father Forget Me For My Sins.I would like to ask you for my brothers an sister who is living in a country with war please Father give us another opportunity to get a relationship and stop the war and violence.I ask you that in name of our savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

  5. Dear Lord, I am new to this. Please forgive me for my sins. I want to repent. Please help guide me in the next months as I deal with the consequences of my actions. Please give me strength to accept what the future holds and to make changes to my behavior so I can lead a good life. I suffer much sadness now and deeply regret what I have done. My problems seem so insignificant and careless whem compared to those suffering in war torn countries, as well as the families who have lost loved ones on the Malaysian jet. Please bring them peace. I wish for the horrows of war and suffering to stop for all people and animals.

  6. God in due name of Jesus I pray to u believing dat anything is possible in due name of de Lord Jesus Christ