5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Their Kids and Sex

(Baker Publishing, May 2017)

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Most parents dread talking about sex with their children. Anne Marie Miller loves giving “the talk.” As she has shared her personal story and talked about God’s gift of sex with almost half a million young people, she’s noticed some disturbing patterns:

  1. 5ThingsMed-e1457981455388Google is how kids learn about sex
  2. Kids are learning about sex and viewing pornography earlier than parents think
  3. The sexually abused often don’t tell anyone for fear of getting in trouble
  4. Sexual messages are being consumed daily from mainstream and social media
  5. Most parents think their child is the exception


  • Equips parents to have meaningful and age-appropriate conversations with their children about sex, pornography, and sexual abuse.
  • Advises parents on how to keep the lines of communication open so that their children know they can trust them with their fears, struggles, and mistakes.
  • Offers hope to worried parents that their children can grow up with a healthy biblical view of sex as a gift from God.

Lean on Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable and Consistent Community

(Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins, Oct. 2014)

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lean-on-me-endorsementWe live in a world and a generation where the word “community” is often discussed. But how genuine and authentic are your relationships really? Anne Marie noticed an important tension all of us must recognize in order to have life-giving friendships: “We desperately want to belong yet at the same time, we yearn for independence.”

In Lean On Me, Anne Marie Miller takes us along as she sets out to dig below the superficial and explore what choices are necessary to find intentional, vulnerable, and consistent community. Jesus was passionate about truth-speaking relationships. And with Anne Marie’s narrative and practical insights interwoven together, you will feel more equipped in your quest for these types of relationships as you seek people to lean on and as you pour love into those around you.

Beating Burnout: A 30 Day Guide to Hope and Health

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Feeling tired? Burned out? Or know someone who is?

Anne Marie Miller understands. After two short years serving in a non-profit role, being a newlywed, and volunteering in her community, Anne Marie burned out. After a week in the hospital, doctors told her if she didn’t make changes – spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational – she would land right back in that hospital bed.

After almost a decade of reflection, counseling, and taking a proactive role in her health and well-being, Anne Marie wants to help you put burnout on the back burner. In this thirty-day guide, you’ll engage in simple but meaningful daily reflections with a focus on rest, holistic health, and prayer.

Your dreams, your family, your friends and the world need your story. Don’t let burnout beat you!



Permission to Speak Freely: Essays & Art on Fear, Confession and Grace

(Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins, Aug. 2010)

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In May 2008, Anne Jackson (now Anne Marie Miller) asked a question on her blog, “What is one thing you feel you can’t say in church?”

The question came from Jackson’s experience of being afraid to reveal herself to other Christians. Broken and alone is exactly how she felt for years, a Southern Baptist pastor’s daughter struggling with an addiction to porn, sexual promiscuity, substance abuse, being the victim of sexual abuse by a youth pastor, and coping with depression.

Permission to Speak Freely is the unique project from author Anne Jackson, who is finished with keeping brokenness in the dark. Bringing to light the original intent of God’s sanctuary as a place of help and healing, Anne reveals that through confession, both to God and to others, we can live lives that are whole and healed.

Told with disarming transparency, Anne shares what led to her own addictions and the ensuing lifestyle that left her wounded and withdrawn, but ultimately rescued and redeemed. She includes dramatic stories of others who also learned to abandon their fear, pride, and masks; to identify their hurts; and to find the courage to speak freely.

Their confessions, submitted as mixed media pieces, photography, and sketches, were collected from people across the world, and are included throughout the book.

“Somebody is waiting on you to tell your story. To share how you’re being rescued. To share how scary it is, but how beautiful it is,” she says.


Mad Church Disease: Healing from Church Burnout – Expanded & Updated Edition

(Zondervan/HarperCollins, Feb. 2009, Revised & Expanded June 2014)

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Growing up the daughter of a pastor, Anne Jackson experienced firsthand the conflict, stress, and struggle church leaders often face.

She vowed her life in ministry would be different.

Yet, years later, as a church leader, she was hospitalized because stress began wreaking havoc on her body.

After being released from the hospital, an associate pastor asked her, “Dmad-church-disease-newoes working at this church interfere with your communion with Christ?”

The question was paramount in turning her life around.

Thinking she wasn’t alone, Anne developed a website that allowed church leaders to share their struggles.

Within a few days, she was flooded with over a thousand responses from people pouring out their stories of burnout.

Using anecdotal parallels between Mad Cow Disease and leadership trends in the church, she writes not only to help us realize what church leaders are facing, but also to provide practical and positive treatment plans.

Mad Church Disease is a lively, informative, and potentially life-saving resource for anyone in ministry–vocational or volunteer–who would like to understand, prevent, or treat the epidemic of burnout in church culture.